Creativity and innovation

Discover the power of your own creative vision


Do you think creativity and innovativeness are rare natural talents that only a few people are born with? Think again! The real key to creativity and innovation is not luck, it's creating the right setting for your inner inventor to thrive. It takes self-discovery and a science-based understanding of the creative process within your mind. Your creative journey starts with this course.

  • Adopt the right mindset for promoting creativity and innovation.
  • Master techniques such as Design Thinking to help fully develop your ideas.
  • Learn to brainstorm and exchange ideas more effectively with others.

"Help to create a learning culture that holds participants responsible for their individual development."

Creativity and innovation are essential skills in any working environment today. The ability to adapt and come up with inventive solutions is a powerful skill that makes you more competitive and effective. This course introduces you to proven techniques that allow you to contribute your
creativity and achieve greater success—individually and for your organization.

During this course, you will become familiar with the Design Thinking method. This approach gives you a clearer understanding of your own creative process by helping you to flesh out your ideas and develop viable solutions. At the same time, you will learn to expand the creative process beyond yourself and to integrate constructive feedback from your team members.

Today’s challenges call for innovative solutions. Get your creative juices flowing and be a driver for positive change within your organization. Becoming a creative thinker starts with the choice to approach every situation with curiosity and openness to new ideas. This course gives you the tools and skills you’ll need. It is available to any individual performers and project leaders.


  • Learning to rephrase questions to become more creative.
  • Identifying and overcoming roadblocks that prevent creativity and innovation.
  • Successfully preparing and leading brainstorm sessions with a team.
  • Gathering ideas and deciding which ones are the best.
  • Using a variety of techniques to boost creativity and innovation.


  • Your colleagues see you as a force for creativity and innovation.
  • Your colleagues engage with your ideas and help you to fine tune them.
  • Your colleagues benefit from your Design Thinking approach to solving problems.

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  • 11-week program
  • Face to face or virtual 
  • Ongoing support by facilitator
  • Coaching
  • Effect scans
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easily scalable 
  • Available in multiple languages

Boost program

  • 5-week program
  • Workload of 1 hour a week
  • Ongoing support by online facilitator
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easily scalable 
  • Available in multiple languages
  • No development costs

Custom program

  • Custom made program


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