Privacy Statement 

Privacy Statement


This is the GDPR statement of SNR Schouten Global B.V. and its subsidiary Relevance Learning B.V., both based in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands, at van Heemstraweg West 5. Schouten Global B.V. and Relevance Learning B.V. respect the privacy of personnel, clients and participants and observe the rules of the GDPR.

How we handle data has been set out in different statements and agreements which can be viewed as an addition. Reference to those are made where necessary.

Which data do we keep and for what purpose?

Personal data:

name, first names, initials, title, gender, date of birth, address, postcode, place of residence, telephone number and the email address) as well as the client’s or if applicable participant’s bank account number;
an administration number if this does not include information other than the data referred to in the previous point;
nationality of the client or participant;
data that are required relating to health or well-being of the participant more specifically dietary needs in case of providing meals, and health data to determine if a participant can participate in program related activities such as outdoor exercises.
data that concern the nature and progress of the education/ training/coaching;
data that concern the study results that have been achieved;
data required for organizing the education;
• data for calculating, laying down and collecting training costs;
data concerning teachers and supervisors, to the extent these data are relevant to the organization and issuing instructions, providing coaching and training;
We request ( some of) these data if you are having participants register or if you are becoming a participant yourself. We require these data to be able to deliver our products and services to the correct person. We need contact details to be able to inform you about the service or product purchase, progress and new developments.

Purposes of the processing are: 

performance of all activities that are related to the registration for, delivery of and participation in training, education, coaching, personal tests and/or scans. 
compliance with requests for information from the Client and participants; 
Sending newsletters and other informative messages, interesting training courses and developments within the context of relevant legislation;
performing analyses in order to improve services;
granting access to online learning programs;
announcing information about participants via the  website/learning portal used for that project/ training;
calculating, laying down and collecting costs that are related to the requested services (including transferring claims to third parties);
handling disputes;
performing audits;
implementation or application of another applicable law.

Depending on the type of product or service purchased, it is possible that we share data with so-called ‘third parties’.

The personal data are possibly provided to those who:

are charged with the activities listed above, or
supervise the activities listed above; or
are necessarily involved in the activities listed above.
other parties/ organization, if:
the client or participant has consented unambiguously to the data processing; or
the data processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation; or
the data processing is necessary in connection with a vital interest of the participant (such as the recording of a food allergy); or
the data are further processed for management purposes.  
Relevance Learning ensures that the data are actually only processed further for these specific purposes, or
as part of a product or training provided by us, through our partner New Heroes B.V.,
as part of impact measurement regarding training provided by us, through our partner Realise B.V.
upon the purchase of training or tools that is/ are provided via third parties or are enabled by third parties as our business partner CrossKnowledge.

We will never provide data to third parties unsolicited, nor adjust the processing of data at the request of a third party.

Processing Agreements
Processing agreements have been entered into with third parties which expressly state that all acts in which your data are involved must comply with the regulations of the GDPR.

Retention period
Depending on the type of service or product purchase, we apply different retention periods. We will never keep your data for longer than is required for the performance of our service or product purchase. Please contact us if you have any specific questions relating to any of the above.

Right to inspect, correct and remove
Anyone registered with us can at all time request to inspect his or her data and have such corrected or removed. If permission has been granted for a specific processing of data, it is possible to withdraw this permission.

Schouten Global/Relevance learning takes the protection of data seriously and takes all suitable measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification. We have therefore been ISO27001 certified since May 2019.

Should data not be properly protected or if there are indications of abuse, please contact the Privacy Officer of Schouten Global. This can be done by email:, by telephone: +31(0) 418-68.86.51 or in writing of course.