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Empowering you and your organization to be relevant now and in the future

Relevance believes that development is for everyone! Moreover, we believe that we can make a difference and create an impact in this world by empowering as many people as possible from inside any organization.


More than 40 years Incompany learning and development

Relevance is a Schouten & Nelissen brand. We have encouraged people to continue developing themselves for more than 40 years. In today’s dynamic world, it's crucial to adapt. So are we: Schouten & Nelissen Incompany and Schouten Global become Relevance. Remaining your trusted partner in learning and development for Incompany learning programs.

The Dutch company Schouten & Nelissen was founded in 1980 by Jan Schouten, in a time where most attention was devoted to hard skills. Schouten & Nelissen provided a fresh view, focused on personal success and effectiveness.
The company began with an assertiveness training in The Netherlands. This became a major success and soon we had the honor to deliver training services globally. Now, 40 years later, the Schouten & Nelissen brand Relevance supports hundreds of individuals and organizations in optimizing their performance, success and wellbeing, all around the world.

The ability to bring that level of relevance to our clients on a global scale, is truly revolutionary.
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We don't fix the people, we change the system!

Relevance accelerates learning on a global scale in the areas of leadership, power skills, and change management. Our combination of technology and people produces personal, adaptive and social blended learning experiences.

There is no change without people. That’s why we are on the human side of change. We don't fix the people, we change the system! Our innovative approach combining technology and people, ensures that our clients stay relevant in their industry and in society. In everything we create, our focus lies on empowering people to develop their strengths alongside with identifying and improving their weaknesses. We strive to impact their lives. We are very proud of our ability to bring that level of relevance to our clients on a global scale.

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