The perfect combination of technology and people

Relevance is a recognized global partner in the design and delivery of Incompany learning and development programs. Together with our clients and business partners we empower individuals, teams, and organizations to be more relevant. Now and in the future.

Learning with us is personal, adaptive and social

We develop highly skilled employees and inspiring leaders across the globe. Our proven combination of innovative learning and personal development is globally applicable. Through our international network of 700+ trusted facilitators and coaches, we guarantee flexible and scalable programs. This way, entire organizations and its employees are on the same page in no time: the only way is forward!

We put the wishes and needs of our clients at the heart of our design process. Our programs are developed through co-creation with our clients and business partners, resulting in long-term committed partnerships. This allows us to fluidly adapt to all educational and technical challenges within organizations and local markets. We ensure our programs are localized and when necessary tailored to the corresponding language, culture and systems.

Our blended learning programs are flexible, data-driven and social. By applying our experience, scientific knowledge and data on your organizational context, we achieve ultimate effectiveness. In doing so, we focus on the individual’s autonomy, ambitions and potential. Learning by doing challenges people to experiment with new behaviors, resulting in sustainable change. By focusing on the individual, entire organizations exceed their expectations.

Our worldwide blended learning programs are


Globally scalable






Fast: learning at the speed of business


Localized: adapted to language and culture




Minimal designcosts


Integrable with your organizations’ HR and/or LMS systems


As part of our global strategy we develop partnerships to add value to our learning and development programs.



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