Critical thinking

Make clearer decisions based on the factors that really matter


Taking the best actions starts with making better choices. But how can you tune out distractions and get to the core of the issue? This requires critical thinking. The ability to think critically clarifies your decision-making process and keeps you focused on solving the challenge at hand. And like any skill, critical thinking calls for training and practice to master. This course gets you started.

  • Identify and focus on relevant factors to make better decisions.
  • Learn how facts and opinions influence your decision-making.
  • Avoid common critical thinking errors with a solution-oriented approach.

Take bolder actions and overcome short-sighted decision-making

Everybody’s got an opinion. But not all opinions are created equally. To make effective decisions that solve problems, you’ll need to move beyond opinions and emotions alone and apply critical thinking. When you think critically, you put all relevant factors into perspective and identify what’s really at stake. As a result, you are in a better position to achieve your goals.

Critical thinking is not about making robotic calculations and strictly following the numbers. It also incorporates human factors, which are extremely relevant to your plan’s success. Yet being a critical thinker allows you to take bolder actions and overcome short-sighted decision-making which may be motivated by fear of or resistance to change. This course provides you with the tools you’ll need.

The skills and techniques presented in this course pave the way towards stronger decision-making. This is a vital asset in today’s uncertain world, whether you are solving problems at work or at home. The course is available for any individual performer or manager who is interested in bringing their critical skills to the next level.


  • Gaining the confidence and self-empathy to think independently.
  • Mastering problematic emotions and getting out of “fight or flight” mode.
  • Putting facts into perspective along with relevant opinions and feelings.
  • Working with case studies and games to boost your critical thinking skills.
  • Identifying and correcting common misconceptions about critical thinking.
  • Understanding causality and predicting the impacts of your decisions.
  • Using critical thinking to leverage constructive feedback.


  • Your colleagues benefit from your clear thinking and decision-making.
  • Your colleagues see the logic behind your plans and actions.
  • Your colleagues are confident that your decisions are well-founded.

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  • 11-week program
  • Face to face or virtual 
  • Ongoing support by facilitator
  • Coaching
  • Effect scans
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easily scalable 
  • Available in multiple languages

Boost program

  • 5-week program
  • Workload of 1 hour a week
  • Ongoing support by online facilitator
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easily scalable 
  • Available in multiple languages
  • No development costs

Custom program

  • Custom made program


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