3 questions to review your personal development

Our world is changing rapidly. Sometimes you might feel like you're not keeping up: the knowledge you have today, feels less relevant tomorrow. Know that you can take charge of your personal development at any time! Developing your power skills can start with asking yourself these three questions:

1. What is your view on your personal development?

A problem or challenge can turn into a valuable learning opportunity, if you let it! Are there other ways to look at the situation? What knowledge or skill can help you? Do you want to learn and can you find somebody to help you along? Cultivating a growth mindset will help you feeling less stuck and see opportunities in challenging situations. Critical thinking enables you to move beyond the paved ways!

2. How up-to-date are your skills?

We’re not talking about hard skills only here. Although it's crucial to focus on your technical knowledge, there are many power skills that can help you in numerous situations in your professional life, too. Facing an issue with cooperation? Improve your collaboration skills. Finding your ideas are not being picked up? Optimize your influencing skills. Feeling you’re struggling in managing your working hours?  Review your time management. By consciously taking another look at your power skills, you're able to optimize your performance.

3. How is your vitality at work?

Vital people make vital organizations. When you feel mentally and physically fit, you can perform to your best abilities and feel happy at work. Identifying and managing emotions, work-life balance, resilience, but also inclusivity and psychological safety are factors that impact your wellness. Organizations that facilitate discussion surrounding and improvement of these topics empower their people and stimulate a positive environment. Are you curious to see what vitality at work means? Take a look at our Vitality@work course.

Find out what is relevant for you

We believe everybody can learn, based on your strengths, ambitions and personal values. Whether it’s for yourself, or your organization as a whole: prioritizing learning is an investment that will help everybody to move forward.

After answering these three questions, do you feel more certain of your relevance? Or can we help you get a closer look? We are happy to support you in your personal development!

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