Relevance wins the Best in Practice Award 2023

"Relevance has been awarded the Best in Practice Award 2023 in the Leadership/Management Development category by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) for its People Management Program Stores (PMPS)."

The BEST Awards recognize organizations that achieve success through talent development initiatives for their employees. In collaboration with a well-known retail brand, Relevance has developed an international leadership program that has earned us this prestigious award.  

Association for Talent Development (ATD)

The Association for Talent Development is a global non-profit organization dedicated to talent development and workplace learning. Founded in 1943, the organization has played a leading role in the world of learning & development ever since.

ATD focuses on supporting and developing HR professionals, trainers, coaches, and others involved in talent development. They provide a wide range of information, tools, research, books, and publications to help professionals enhance employee performance and development in various organizations and industries. By sharing knowledge, research, and best practices, ATD aims to assist employees in improving their expertise and skills while helping organizations create positive and productive work environments.

The Best in Practise Award

The ATD Best in Practice Award is an annual recognition presented to organizations that excel in talent development and workplace learning. It is a prestigious award that acknowledges an organization's commitment and effectiveness in this field.

To qualify for the award, an organization is assessed based on various criteria, including leadership support, talent development, and innovation. Best in Practice Award winners are acknowledged as pioneers in talent development and learning. Additionally, they have the opportunity to share their best practices with a broad audience within ATD, offering valuable opportunities for knowledge-sharing with other organizations.

For more information about ATD, please visit their website.