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We all know the feeling: nagging fears and insecurities get in the way of our performance. We self-sabotage our personal development. Best-selling American author Shirzad Chamine developed Positive Intelligence (PQ) to help you with identifying these saboteurs, improving your performance and increasing your sense of happiness. Schouten & Nelissen publishing house THEMA produced a podcast to discuss the insights of Chamine’s book The Positive Intelligence Podcast. They invited Relevance’s Anke Baak, VP Customized Solutions, and Marcel Thierry, Lead Consultant, to share their knowledge about Positive Intelligence. Both Anke and Marcel are certified PQ coaches, which makes them the ideal experts to learn from.

“Mental Fitness is the ability to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset and make changes in a sustainable way."

Shirzad Chamine

In six podcast episodes, Anke and Marcel introduce you to the Positive Intelligence and the PQ method, discuss the possible Saboteurs you might have and how to do deal with them. In short, they help you to train your brain in order to feel and perform better. Are you ready to improve your mental fitness? Then take a listen below!





It starts with awareness

After becoming familiar with PQ and aware of your own areas of improvement, why not try and get to know your own mental Saboteurs? You can do the free online Saboteur assessment on the Positive Intelligence website.

Taking clear headed action

Would you like to dive deeper into Positive Intelligence or explore the opportunities a high mental fitness can bring to your employees and organization? Have a look at these other resources:

  • The Positive Intelligence Book. Available in English and Dutch
  • Positive Intelligence Program (Incompany)

Relevance Incompany Positive Intelligence Program

Give your employees the gift of increased mental fitness, happiness and high performance. This program facilitates their power skills.

  • Kick off by Relevance facilitator
  • 6 weeks duration – weekly 1 hour of group coaching
  • Watch 1-hour weekly video
  • 15 minutes/day of practice on the app
  • Read the first 8 chapters of the Positive Intelligence book
  • Through the app: Shirzad is your mental fitness coach for an entire year

If you are interested in the program or have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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