Sales skills

A new approach to boosting your sales performance


Being an excellent salesperson takes more than just knowing your products and services. It’s all about listening to your customers and knowing how to read the cues they’re putting out there. Asking the right questions and building a rapport are always more important than simply pushing a sales pitch. This course shows you how to analyze your customers’ needs and boost your sales performance.

  • Perform better in sales with a customer-focused approach.
  • Learn critical listening skills and know how to spot sales opportunities.
  • Create a strong rapport with your customers for sustainable sales success.

"The relationship is what makes you stand out."

To succeed in sales, you need to know what to do at every stage of the selling process. This course teaches you how to create value with every interaction you have with your customer. Improving your questioning and listening skills helps you learn what your customer really wants, so you can effectively tailor your offering to suit their needs.

Once you’ve mastered the principles of analyzing your customer’s needs, we’ll cover key elements such as pitching your value proposition, dealing with objections, closing the deal and knowing how to exceed your customers’ expectations. The course uses interactive exercises and real-life examples from your own sales experience to help prepare you to succeed in your next pitch.

Sales skills are fundamental to growing any business. Skilled sales professionals are highly valued on the job market because of their ability to contribute to an organization’s success. If you’re a sales professional ready to improve your sales game, this course is the right place to start.


  • Understanding the fundamentals of sales.
  • Developing excellent listening and questioning skills.
  • Conducting a thorough needs analysis.
  • Pitching your product.
  • Overcoming objections.
  • Sealing the deal.


  • You conduct sales pitches with greater skill, confidence and satisfaction.
  • You build lasting ties with customers and promote healthy sales relationships.
  • You increase your sales performance and serve as a role model to others.

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  • 11-week program
  • Face to face or virtual 
  • Ongoing support by facilitator
  • Coaching
  • Effect scans
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easily scalable 
  • Available in multiple languages

Boost program

  • 5-week program
  • Workload of 1 hour a week
  • Ongoing support by online facilitator
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easily scalable 
  • Available in multiple languages
  • No development costs

Custom program

  • Custom made program


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