Freelance trainers and facilitators

We believe everyone is a leader, no matter your title. And since we are growing, we are looking for passionate trainers and facilitators who want to work with us on our mission of developing as many inspirational leaders at all levels of organizations across the world.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for experts in the fields of leadership, soft skills and change management. Does your passion and ambition lie in the field of facilitation, coaching and /or designing learning programs? Do you enjoy guiding groups of employees and managers?

Are you able to work independently with carefully prepared, blended scenarios? If the answer to these questions is yes, grab this opportunity and apply for a unique long-term assignment at Relevance, a Schouten & Nelissen company.

We are looking for flexible, enthusiastic, no-nonsense freelance facilitators who want to be part of an International Freelance Flexpool. We have various national (in The Netherlands) and international assignments in for example the industrial, retail, public and SME sector.


  • Certified facilitator (preferably IAF certification or equivalent)
  • Proven excellence in facilitator skills, checked through peer and/or client references
  • At least 5 years working experience in business environment
  • At least 5 years facilitation related training in a multicultural environment
  • Relevant experience in training foundational leadership skills such as influencing skills, assertiveness, project management, etc.
  • Experience or affinity with facilitation of interactive virtual sessions

Working with us means

  • Interesting learning journeys with international organizations
  • Networking with peers in training and facilitation
  • Opportunities for in-house training
  • Co-designing learning programs

Are you interested and curious to know more? Please contact Marlies Kranendonk, Faculty manager, with your resumé and motivation.


Marlies Kranendonk


Marlies Kranendonk


Happy to meet you!