How AI is changing the future to work - Podcast Episode #10

AI is changing the future of work. Machine learning, deep neural nets, self-driving cars and chatbots with feelings! Curious? Then listen to the latest Relevance Learning podcast and let us welcome you to the 4th industrial revolution…it’s just a click away!  

If you have you ever wondered what AI tools are available to help your people and your organization stay relevant, then this episode of the Relevance Learning podcast is for you.  Join Jim as he interviews Remy Gieling, AI expert, tech-watcher and founder of AI.NL.

Remy explains how AI will change the future of work. He shares the secrets of computer systems that learn from data. Listen and discover why we are now in the fourth industrial revolution.

Remy also has just enough time to discuss computers that are able to reason like humans do before the podcast ends when Jim’s driverless taxi arrives to take him home.


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