Be intentionally curious - Podcast Episode #9

How curious were you 10 minutes ago? That might be a hard question to answer – but our guest Stefaan van Hooydonk, founder of the Global curiosity institute, invites you to try anyway.

Stefaan defines curiosity as: ‘The intentional mindset to challenge the status quo, explore, discover and learn.’ To him the revelation of the effects curiosity has on people and their learning behavior was enough to quit his job and start his own movement, the Global Curiosity Institute. He found that the average learning hours increased from 25 to 43 hours when people applied intentional curiosity.

Stefaan explains there are three types of curiosity:

  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Empathic curiosity
  • Intra personal curiosity

In this episode you can hear all about how you can grow your own curiosity in order to stay ahead in your field! And another thing to be curious about: what is Stefaan’s ‘gift to our listeners’?

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