Reverse thinking - Podcast Episode #8

When we feel stress or anxiety our reptilian brain is activated. It blocks creative thinking and makes us stick to what we know. But what we don’t know can be more relevant! Enter reverse thinking.

What is reverse thinking? Robert Schulte, international coach and trainer with Senaro explains: “It’s a technique, a tool, to get into a more joyful or playful mindset. State the question in reverse – for example: ‘How can we get more listeners for our podcast?’ – becomes: ‘How can we get people to dislike our podcast?’ This frees us to more creative opportunities.”

Robert’s four easy steps to reverse thinking:

  1. Clearly state the problem or challenge
  2. Brainstorm what the problem or challenge is not
  3. Review ideas on the not-statement and see if there is a new perspective
  4. Select interesting ideas and flip the results to the original problem or challenge

So, let's ask ourselves the question: why would you not listen to this episode?


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