Time management

Improve your effectiveness and say goodbye to time pressure


Today’s business world is moving faster than ever. For most of us that means learning to work under nearly constant time pressure. The way we plan our days has a major influence on our effectiveness and the level of stress we experience. But effective time management can help. It’s all about adopting the right habits and a healthy mentality towards planning. This course shows you how.

  • Develop a healthy, realistic approach to planning your time.
  • Learn to manage your time more efficiently and avoid common mistakes.
  • Relieve time pressure by effectively managing other people’s expectations.

 It’s time for a new approach to planning your day

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Or like you’re always racing from one deadline to the next? Sometimes it feels as if this is simply the normal way to operate. This is unfortunate, since time pressure takes a powerful toll on your well-being. It’s time for a new approach to planning your day. It starts with adopting the right mentality.

Overcoming time pressure means taking practical steps to improve your own time management. But it also involves learning how to set realistic expectations, so you relieve the pressure that you often feel from others. In this course, you’ll discover how to set smart priorities and plan effective deadlines that keep everyone happy.

Are you ready to start working more calmly and effectively, without losing control of your deadlines? This course helps you master highly effective time management behaviors and overcome self-defeating habits. It is available to any managers or management-level professionals interested in adopting a new mentality towards time.


  • Assessing your current time management behavior and finding ways to improve.
  • Identifying inefficient habits that adversely affect your time management.
  • Prioritising tasks based on your own key areas of responsibility.
  • Using weekly and daily planning to meet your deadlines and deliver results.
  • Making strong time management choices based on what you value.
  • Realistically managing other people’s expectations to avoid deadline stress.


  • Your colleagues respect your boundaries and understand your priorities.
  • Your colleagues see you as a decisive, assertive self-manager of your time.
  • Your colleagues benefit from your ability to set and meet realistic deadlines.

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  • 11-week program
  • Face to face or virtual 
  • Ongoing support by facilitator
  • Coaching
  • Effect scans
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easily scalable 
  • Available in multiple languages

Boost program

  • 5-week program
  • Workload of 1 hour a week
  • Ongoing support by online facilitator
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easily scalable 
  • Available in multiple languages
  • No development costs

Custom program

  • Custom made program


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