The ability to unlock the potential of individuals, teams and in so doing, the entire organization.

Start with self and with embracing the roleaccepting responsibility and accountability for people and business as well as its impact on society. 

Foster strong relationships, engages collective wisdom, nurtures resilient organizations, thus it contributes to sustainable results. 

Choose your starting point.

It is important to acknowledge that people at different professional levels have specific development needs. These different needs are connected to the scope of their responsibility over others.
Therefore, we have created three different journey to perfectly meet the leaders at three key phases in their career: first line leaders, mid-level leaders and senior leaders.






For first time leaders

Transitioning from an employee to a leader marks a critical career juncture. Our foundation program equips new leaders with vital skills and mindsets for success, teaching them to avoid typical pitfalls, embrace leadership roles, and foster a high-performing, accountable team. This program can be expanded with additional modules for further skill refinement or followed by advanced leadership development programs.



For senior leaders

Leaders are navigating complex and uncertain times where much is required of them in this role. To inspire, build and transform a successful and resilient business, they need to be adaptable and capable, and support others to thrive.

Our Growth program equips experienced team leaders with the right tools to navigate change and complexity with vision, inspiration and a strategic mind for both people and business. It focusses on the skills and mindset to lead strategically a high performing team.  By unlocking these skills, behaviours and mindsets, your business can realise its true performance potential!

The Growth program is designed to be extended with additional blocks for lateral deepening or to be followed up with another program targeting vertical development.







For executives

Leaders of multiple teams, functions or divisions often experience tension between short and longer-term goals, between reflecting, thinking, being and doing. They are pulled in multiple directions and expected to hold the larger systemic view and act wisely in the service of people and organization.

As they are often the face of the company, much is expected of them in terms of being a role model, crafting an inspired future vision and engaging the organisation in its execution. The Wise program is meant to strengthen their space of vision, re-connect them with purpose and guide them into a strategic space of sustained systemic action. 

The Wise program is designed to be extended with additional blocks for lateral deepening or to be followed up with another program targeting vertical development.

Let's develop your future leaders together.

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Intervention methods:

Building blocks of your leadership journey.

Every company requires a customized approach; Relevance stands alone in creating holistic learner-centered development journeys with in-house interventions.



Align and set expectations

This 1.5-hour interactive virtual session enables participants to connect, understand the program's structure, align expectations, foster collaboration, and inspire an optimal learning mindset, ensuring active engagement throughout.


Online modules

Focused content

An engaging online learning platform packed with varied courses designed to meet your goals. Featuring interactive eLearning modules, assignments, and tools like polls and tips for collaborative learning. Analytics track your progress, while facilitators enhance the experience with feedback, discussions, and motivation in a social setting.



Put learning into practice

In-person workshops. These sessions focus on practical skill development, self-awareness, and pattern-breaking through relevant work scenarios. Following each workshop, participants identify key insights and actionable workplace steps aligned with their goals. We also provide practical assignments to enhance learning and reflection further.



Commit to continuous growth

In the final session, participants showcase their progress and successes while receiving feedback and insightful questions from peers and the facilitator to enrich their learning. Though the program concludes, the journey of growth continues. We encourage participants to pledge to ongoing self-development actions, with buddies providing accountability.


Peer Coaching

Deepen the learning together

Peer coaching, integral to the leadership journey, complements our offerings by enabling collaborative real-world problem-solving in 4-6-person groups using action plans. With our '6 Steps Peer Coaching Method', participants sharpen critical leadership abilities, including questioning and feedback, often continuing peer coaching on their own after the program.


Buddy Coaching

Deepen the learning together

By pairing up, buddies will provide mutual support during key developmental stages. Discussing common challenges in learning paves the way for discovering solutions together.

re-lead-icon-practice ai

AI Avatar

Custom conversation simulation

Custom-prompted AI avatars are available for participants to practice difficult interactions before having to implement them on the job.

360° Analytics

On-demand insights into all critical metrics involving your participant cohorts.

Why leave things to chance when precision is within reach? With our cutting-edge, real-time dashboard, your learning organization can transcend the limitations of guesswork. Dive deep into the heart of your data with tools designed to measure, analyze, and present insights into every aspect of your participant cohorts. This isn't just about numbers; it's about unlocking the stories behind the statistics, enabling you to tailor your strategies with precision and foresight. Our dashboard serves as your command center, offering a comprehensive overview at a glance while also allowing you to drill down into specific metrics that matter most. 



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