Team leadership

Tap into your potential as a team leader.


Understanding team dynamics is crucial for leading your people to success. This course broadens your range of leadership skills by providing a clear framework for analyzing group dynamics—analyzing what is visible “above water” as well as what is not visible “below water”. It also helps you create common ground for a diverse group of individuals and lead them towards shared goals.

  • Understand the human psychological dynamics of teams and teamwork.
  • Discover your new role as a leader with a scientific vision of team leadership.
  • Gain communication and leadership skills that are vital to your team’s success.

"Stronger communication within the teams leads to efficiency and greater trust."

Effective team leadership starts with a fundamental understanding of how unique individuals interact within a group setting. This course teaches you how to tap into the psychological dynamics of teamwork and turn diversity and differences into strengths. The main focus is on developing effective communication and trust, which are always the basis for effective teamwork.

During this course, you’ll analyze your effectiveness and broaden your skills in building trust, commitment and collaboration within your team. You’ll improve your cultural awareness, get a better grip on group dynamics, and learn how power and affection influence inclusion. This in-depth understanding of your team lets you manage “invisible” processes that can make or break your team’s performance.

Being an effective team leader is one of the most valuable skills you can contribute as a manager. The human-focused methods and techniques that you will learn in this course prepare you to increase your impact and achieve greater success with your team. The course is available to all team managers and project managers.


  • Enhancing trust, commitment and collaboration within your team.
  • Creating an inclusive atmosphere.
  • How to be a self-regulating, transparent and accountable team manager.
  • How to lead according to your team’s goals, vision and ambitions.
  • Managing complex decision-making processes within your team.
  • Identifying effective group processes and working around ineffective ones.
  • Recognizing group dynamics and addressing areas for improvement.
  • Adapting your communication to suit cultural differences within the team.


  • Your team members feel included and empowered to give their best performance.
  • Your team members thrive in an environment of trust and open communication.
  • Your team members look to you as a source of trust and harmony within the team.

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  • 11-week program
  • Face to face or virtual 
  • Ongoing support by facilitator
  • Coaching
  • Effect scans
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easily scalable 
  • Available in multiple languages

Boost program

  • 5-week program
  • Workload of 1 hour a week
  • Ongoing support by online facilitator
  • Speedy delivery
  • Easily scalable 
  • Available in multiple languages
  • No development costs

Custom program

  • Custom made program



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