The Relevance Learning Podcast

Life-long learning in workplace reality

We discuss our rebranding, the importance of learning, the challenge of change and our experts' personal experiences. 

Staying relevant 

More than ever, today’s world is subject to rapid and continuous change. The complex job market requires our flexibility. We are online 24/7, new jobs emerge while others become dispensable.

So how do you stay relevant as an organisation and employee? Two things are certain: we need to anticipate needs and we need to adapt to this unrelenting change.

This is where life-long learning comes into play. At The Relevance Learning Podcast, we discuss the relevance of learning, adjusted to workplace reality. Our speakers share their knowledge alongside personal stories and case studies. Their expertise and experiences become your tips & tricks, for now, and the future.

The Relevance Learning Podcast

4 episodes about learning and development and what we have to offer.

The Relevance Learning Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1

Introducing Relevance

Schouten Global becomes Relevance. In this first official episode Camiel, Samer and Anke introduce the new company name.

The Relevance Learning Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2

Inclusion is a choice

Diversity and Inclusion. A hot topic within today’s business world, but are we doing everything we can to actually achieve more inclusion?

The Relevance Learning Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3

Talking (creative) leadership

In this episode, Marcel Thierry discusses the meaning of true leadership, which is about inspiring and enabling others.

The Relevance Learning Podcast Episode 4

Episode 4

Talent Development 

Talent Development is not just for 'the lucky few'! It's for everyone, according to colleagues Esmée and Richard. 


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